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I started Resident Properties LLC, a property management company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2006 originally as a holding company for my personal real estate investments. It morphed slowly into a third party real estate management company being repositioned as such in 2009. Resident Properties was operated in this manner through various real estate brokers until 2013 when it was taken back to a holding company for my personal properties and I went to work for several other companies holding positions of community manager, marketing manager and project manager but no matter the title the job has always been one of operations management. Now as I bring Resident Properties LLC back online as a fully licensed real estate brokerage in the state of Ohio (soon to reach Kentucky and Indiana) I will continue to focus on property management with my business partner concentrating on real estate sales, real estate buyer representation, and real estate investor acquisitions. I hope you as friends, peers and co-interested connections would please help spread the word of Resident Properties as a well run real estate company offering a full suite of services to home buyers, home sellers, real estate investors and anything related. Move on over to our business page and follow us there if you wouldn't mind giving us that bump. You will also find us on the other social media outlets along with our new website for more information about Resident Properties and what we can offer in the areas of property management, real estate sales, real estate buyer representation and real estate investor acqusistions. Don't forget we currently are located in Cincinnati, Ohio but serve the entire state of Ohio soon to be in Kentucly and Indiana by the end of the first quarter 2017.

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